"Art, like sex, is too

important to leave to the

professionals alone."


— Eric Booth, The Everyday Work of Art 

Booth goes on to say, "It's too important because of the delight and satisfaction it provides, and too important because of its role in creating each person’s future. 

"Contrary to conventional wisdom, art has not always been a noun, a valuable object relegated to a museum or a performance hall. All the way back at the birth of the word 'art,' it was a verb that meant 'to put things together.' It was not a product, but a process.

"If we can reclaim that view of art — as a way of looking at and doing things, a series of experiences and experiments — we gain a fresh grasp on the proven, practical ways to construct the quality of our lives." 

Halimah Polk, who painted the flower above, would be the first to say she's not "an artist." She has a PhD in Education and has enjoyed a long career as an educational consultant, development director and college professor. She also "arts:" She puts things together. She observes, she experiements, she creates. Recently she had a vision of a lotus — the flower of peace. She shared her vision with this message: "Peace Be With You."

May Peace Be With You All as We Begin 2016 


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