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Thank You, Leonard Van Hien

Seven years ago, Leonard Van Hien, cellist, sent these three wonderful musical pieces
that were part of a CD he was making as a surprise for his beautiful wife on their wedding
anniversary! Leonard told us making the CD was a most "enjoyable collaboration" between
himself and Sachlan McKingley, producer.

A tall and loving giant among us, Leonard has just passed on, but his love and music lives
on. Happily, he put three pieces from that CD on You Tube. And we can share them with you
here! May God bless him and his family for his many good deeds and lasting gifts!

Please forgive us here at SICA as our site is being revamped, so we cannot embed the videos
just now, but we can share the links. Enjoy. 


Massenet: Elegie

Schubert: Serenade

Van Hien: My Heart at Thy Sweet Voice 

(Paintings in the videos by Monet, Hitchcock, and Renoir.)