Who We Are and What We Do

THE SUBUD INTERNATIONAL CULTURAL ASSOCIATION (SICA) is a US nonprofit organization providing programs and services to individuals and organizations working to nurture human values through art, culture, and creativity. SICA provides information, training, networking and support services as well as opportunities to engage and collaborate with cultural initiatives and events around the world. SICA believes the development of individual talent is critical to building love and respect among peoples everywhere

SICA, which has a constituency in almost 90 countries, is a partner member of
The Charter For Compassion as well as an active member of the International Coalition of NGOs for Peace jointly led by Peace One Day and Interpeace as
well as Americans for the Arts. Begun in the UK by members of the World Subud Association in 1983, SICA is currently based in USA.


SICA works at the intersection of creativity and spirituality to advance and celebrate activities that grow out of the development of the human soul.


SOUL:  spirit or force; being (inner or true self); essence, anima, energy: Oxford Thesaurus]

SICA affirms that culture, as the outer expression of our inner selves, embraces all understandings and human endeavor. Its expression is powerful and vigorous, enabling us to feel and value our real selves and to know our real direction in life. 

SICA sponsors conferences, festivals, symposia, publications, exhibitions, performances, workshops, research, and other events and activities — for Subud members as well as the general public. 

SICA also recognizes that cultural diversity exists in multiple dimensions, including differences among people that are not immediately visible. While we cannot heal all divisions and inequities in society, we strive to create opportunities for cross-cultural understanding and exchange that can nurture love and respect to help build a more human future.

Pictured Top: Sufjan Stevens. A top artist in pop music, Sufjan was given his name by Bapak. (His parents were in Subud then.) Although Sufjan is not in Subud, Subud has influenced his music, (see interview). Clearly, he has developed his own considerable talent. Listen:

Pictured Center:  Silk design by Sharifa Morag Benepe, New York.



Creating Public Value
Through Art, Culture,
and Creativity

This is SICA's grant
program to provide seed
funding for fresh and original
cultural endeavors



  Benjamin Drazin was awarded
a SICA seed funding grant to
help complete his debut jazz CD,

"Benjamin Drazen distinguishes himself as a potent alto saxophonist and accomplished composer on his debut as a leader and wails with soulful authority."

  Bill Mikowski
Jazz Times Magazine

Recipients of SICA Seed Grants  
have included

Csaba Erdélyi, Veronica Herber
Bachrun LoMele, Aminah Ulmer, 
Paul Nelson, Emmanuel Williams, 
Pilar Walsh, Reynold Feldman,
Emily Conyngham, 
Hadani Ditmars, Gregory Gudgeon, Eliana Nino
and more