In the Zones

Zone 4:  Germany, Greece, Austria, Hungary, Ukraine  — and all the countries of Zone 4 — became increasingly active since past Zone 4 Gathering in Wolfsburg.  And now that the next Subud World Congress will be in Freiburg, even more activity is stirring.  Rusydah Ziesel is actively working with SICA's new Keys to Creativity initiative that will bow at the upcoming Zone 4 Meeting in Budapest. And Arifah Gebhardt has totally inspired SICA Chair, Sebastian Flynn with the work she did to create a Zone 4 booklet that has inspired another new SICA program — to be unveiled soon, Culture Compass. (stay tuned.)  Zone 4 has also participated actively with Zone4Peace, and the medallion they created for that has seemed to spark a wave of new creative endeavors. 

We've heard it said that the founder of Subud once said that culture began in Zone 4.  We can indeed believe it and look forward to all that creativity, energy, and dedication zapping everyone with good vibrations and actions!

SICA France launched a new website during Raphaëlle Vivier's term as Chair of SICA France. Olivier Goulet built the site — with translator links on every page. Raphaëlle was passionate about her work and said in one of her emails to us: “Because I always feel that SICA is not only an Arts Association. SICA is not only for artists. It’s for everybody in Subud who creates something from his soul with God's Grace. If everybody in Subud will understand this, we will have enterprises as Bapak wants for Subud.”

SICA France also organized some very successful SICA holidays during her term —  at La Source in the Pyrenees in July and even by the seaside There were some excellent workshops: painting with Eric Sarrault; music with Trisnani, a piano teacher who does improvisations, and Léonard Zandstra, a violinist; cooking with Myriam Murray; writing with Deana Parent and dance with Raphaëlle. Thierry Nieto, a good photographer, was set to chronicle the event.  And now we wait to see what Thierry and his colleagues will create with their Eco-Village! Check out the description of the project here.

Marius Grose, SICA Britain’s Chair, has built a good team and we love the site that Ridwan Treacher has created for SICA Britain.  Now we hear that a  whole new plot carrying forward the excellent work of previous SICA chair, Mairi Store. Mairi succeeded in establishing a website for SICA Britain and a host of programs that made money and began to build a track record for SICA. Marius has created a lively redesign of the site and has succeeded in building real interactivity in the site as well. Enhancing their already strong track record that not only empowers SICA to better help its members but also gives SICA credibility in Subud and the world as a viable and reliable international cultural organization.  


Singer/Songwriter Lucas Hille has just taken on the chairmanship o SICA Canada.  He follows in the footsteps of Elfrida Schragen who, in the past three years helped SICA Canada to develop its own website as well as a regular publication (4x per year) to showcase creativity in the Subud Canadian community. Called "Let It Shine" this publication features creative members and their activities in all areas of life — music, arts, homes, gardens, food. Each publication tends to have an overall theme. A new website is now in the works.

For the last three years, SICA also produced a calendar showcasing "juried in" artworks of Canadian Subud members. Calendar sales have supported Susila Dharma Canada, Subud Canada, and SICA Canada. SICA has also produced a CD, a compilation of musical works from the membership. Called "A Taste Of Talent" this CD has also helped build funds for SICA. And of course, the father and daughter Hille can hold an audience anywhere with their music. Keep your eye on dancer/choreographer Delia Brett who has a new show opening soon.

Muhammad Isman Kanafsky, SICA USA Chair,  has taken SICA USA to the next level — presiding over SICA-USA getting their 501(c)3 status — which now allows SICA - USA to do more initiatives for the public benefit — and inspiring a new SICA-USA website. Andrew Morgan has created the new site, and Annie Padilla has served as a true partner on the Board.  Mindful and appreciative of the smooth transition experienced at the last Subud USA National Congress. Isman reports: "We have now found the direction that best suits the needs of the members of Subud USA. We are now doing workshops around the country on culture and the use of the latihan in our daily activities. This helps to deepen the members understanding about SICA and how it affects their daily life and activities. With the guidance of Almighty God and the experience of our new Board members, we are making progress for SICA-USA that everyone can see and feel as fruitful and positive. Fundraising efforts are already underway thanks to the generosity of artists Robert Mertens ("Renewing Angel") and Anthony LoSchiavo (watercolor portrait of Bapak) which can be seen on the website.

SICA Australia reports that SICA Australia grew greatly under the leadership of Sebastian Flynn leading up to the last World Congress, and since then with Domonique Wiseman and Halimah Russ successively. Mitchell Reese, a musician, theater director and arts administrator, is the current SICA Chair.

SICA Australia is its own nonprofit and a registered charity in Australia. The red door on the opening page of its website was created by the late Ludwig Goetz, the architect who designed the Clearview Gallery extension in Brisbane. It is a creative call to action — to “personalize your experience’’ — to manifest something creative in the world in whatever your medium — from the combination of your experience and your own unique cultural expression.

SICA Australia did a lot of work to help establish ICDP (the International Child Development Program) in Australia by fundraising to provide training of facilitators in Australia and creating a sustainable strategy for the implementation of ICDP methods within the childcare and education sectors. It consistently offers some fabulous activities for members at its national congresses. The ball they put together this last Congress was a real winner.