SICA Strategic Priorities 2015



Sebastian Flynn makes pilgrimage to Austin

to pay homage to Stevie Ray Vaughan

on behalf of his son, Roland Flynn


Flynn says son has just won a scholarship to the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachussetts.  Roland, when he knew his father would be coming through Austin, insisted on getting a special photo of Austin's legendary blues guitarist, Stevie Ray Vaughan.






SICA Report to WSA, September 2015, Santiago, Chile




Presentation to Australian national congress, jan 2015 by SICA President, Sebastian Flynn

1. Representation and Inclusion to ensure that SICA board reflects and caters to the diversity of interests represented by SICA:Arts, Health, Academy, Technology, Youth, Enterprise

2. Appropriate profiling of SICA to both the Subud communities and non-Subud communities we live in. (Our accurate and
appropriate marketability!)

3. To encourage and develop SICA Enterprise. (SICA aims to become more independent of grant funding and more self-generative) as opposed to our current financial situation which relies heavily on regular donations.

4. Stronger Kejiwaan understanding of purpose of SICA —with IH support/ liaisons — because for too long SICA has
been seen as the province of largely just the arts when its cultural ambit should be much broader.

It's Important that people realise that their cultural expression and its development is a mirror or gauge of their progress in the Kejiwaan. (Ibu Rahayu addressed this very specifically in her SICA talk in Cilandak in March.

Culture and our Individual expression of it is crucial and fundamental to our lives and the latihan. Our ability to practice and demonstrate it to the world is a gauge of our inner and uuter progress — showing our ability to manifest something. It is also the means by which we will be able to demonstrate the Latihan to people in the
world who are not opened and do not understand the language of Subud.  (Download full presentation here.)


SICA Summit 2014

At Adi Puri, Wisma Subud, Cilandak. 

The Board of the Subud International Cultural Association, thanks to a grant from Muhammad Subuh Foundation, met together with other stakeholders at Adi Puri in Wisma Subud for a week long "SICA Summit" in March 2014. An outcome of the capacity building meetings in Vancouver 2012, the Summit was charged with developing a 3 - 5 year strategic plan that would take SICA into and through the next Subud World Congress. 

We met daily at Adi Puri, beginning every day with latihan, breaking for lunch, and continuing to suppertime. Harvey Peters, who had guided our very productive Vancouver sessions in 2012, facilitated our Summit meetings. We began by reviewing our purpose, Bapak and Ibu's guidance for SICA, our successes and failures in the current term — our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and challenges. And then we engaged in a lively visioning process that reflected upon the impact SICA has had over time — in Subud and in the world — and its potential to positively impact the future. It is through that process that SICA's structure and strategic direction for the future emerged.

For us, the critical affirmation of our process came when Ibu met with us and gave us a wonderful -- and unexpected talk that reiterated much of what we had already discussed: the importance of SICA working with the other wings and with the helpers; the breadth and scope of arts and culture — and that it includes arts, health, science, education, etc.; the source coming from our becoming ourselves and expressing our talents in the world; the ways in which we make our inner culture visible. She also spoke of the need to make SICA strong and the need for SICA to develop enterprises.  

Pictured Above, Left to Right top Row:  Harvey Peters, Osanna Peters, Asmaniah Fraval, Ismanah Schulze-Vorberg, Latifah Taormina, Sebastian Flynn, Felix Juan Prieto, Maxwell Fraval. Left to Right, bottom Row: Ary Sutedja, Erica Sapir, Paloma de la Viña, Rosario Moir, Isti da Silva.  Black and White photo background Right:  Bapak Mhd. Subuh

A video of this meeting is available to Subud members via the online Subud Libary

Download a copy of the Report here.


SICA Chair and Board Selection Procedures

A new Chair for SICA will be selected at the upcoming Subud World Congress in Puebla.  National delegates, Nataional SICA Organizations and Members are urged to attend the Plenary session the morning of  August 12, 2014 to participate in mapping the future of the organization.  Elections will preceed that meeting, but we do not have the schedule for that as of this writiting.  National SICA members and national SICA coordinators are therefore urged to stop in at the Violeta Room when they register for more information about the planning sessions for SICA's next term and voting procedures for Chair and new members to the board.

Download Procedures for Nominating and Selecting a Chair:  Click here for English.  Click here for Spanish

Download Procedures for Nominating and Selecting Members of the Board.  English.  Spanish.

Download National SICA Orientation and how to establish.  English.  Spanish.

Download Overview of What A National SICA Organization Does   English


SICA Will Once Again Celebrate Peace Day in 2015 with

its Poems for Peace® initiative.

Since SICA's Poems for Peace® initiative began in 2012, it has reached over 2,000,000 people with events in cities and towns  across Canada, USA, New Zealand, England, Germany, France, Australia, Italy, Venezuela, Brazil  — and the beat goes on. 

This year, in Austin, we're already planning for a big city-wide celebration of Peace Day from 9/11 through to Peace Day, 9/ 21.  It's all included in what we are calling Peace Day Austin. We are collaborating with many other city organizations and groups. Our underlying theme, for all oue activities, is "Choosing Not to Hate" — inspired by Nelson Mandela who chose not to hate because love was so much more effective.  

WE are once again partnering with Peace One Day and with our national SICA organizations as well as local Subud groups and members who want to be involved.

Download a full report of our first year of doing Poems for Peace here.  Information about our 2015 initiative is listed in the OUR WORK section of this site.


POEMS FOR PEACE EVENT IN YOUR COMMUNITY.  Click here for report of 2012 Poems for Peace Event.


SICA, National SICA Chairs and Associates Meet in Vancouver to Map Future




L-R: Mhd.Isman Kanafsky, Chair SICA USA; Harvey Peters, Zone 5 Rep & UK; Robyan Easty, Zone 4 Rep; Robet Mertens, USA; Erica Sapir, BofD, France; Isabella Moronia, Chair, SICA Italy; Ivan Cozzi, Subud Italy KC, Elfridah Schragen, SICA Canada, Rosario Moir, SICA BofD, NZ; Mary Wold, SICA site, USA; Lorraine Tedrow, outgoing SICA USA Chair, Latifah Taormina, SICA Chair, Susannah Rosentahl, SICA Vice Chair, Leonard Dixon, Past SICA USA Chair.  (Part Time Attendees not pictured:  Farrah Karapetian, Assist to Latifah, Artist, USA; Lincoln Myerson, McCabes Concert Bookings, USA; Asmaniah Fraval, Subud Australia Chair; Paloma de la Viña, Zone3, Spain; Ratna Valli, I.H., Finland; Paul Nelson, Poet, USA; An Dien Madden, I.H., Australia; Bachtiar Lorot; Chair, MSF, Spain; Maya Korzybska, WSA Exec; Indonesia; Luke Penseney, Chair, WSA. 

National SICA chairs, SICA Board Members, and active SICA people met at the 2012 America’s Gathering in Vancouver in June and envisioned a more stable and fruitful future for Subud’s International Cultura Association, imagining for Subud members everything from Festivals of Art & Spirituality to artist residencies in France to Kejiwaan & Culture gatherings where receiving on one’s personal culture would lead to the development of rich experiences for Subud members everywhere. 

As the SICA Board and national SICA Chairs from many countries expressed a need for a sustainable, shared knowledge base, united beyond their local communities and organized with continuity and communication in mind, everyone enthusiastically discussed practical ways to achieve our goals.

Harvey Peters, Zone Trustee and Principal of Minerva Consulting, UK, facilitated the meeting.  Download a pdf report of the meeting here.

SICA Presentations

Download pdf versions of SICA powerpoint presentations:

SICA presentation to Zone 1, Bangkok, Thailand, 2014:  English: Download

SICA presentation to WSC and Zone3 Gathering, Poio, Spain 2013:  English: Download

SICA presentation to Zone 9 Gathering, Lima, Peru, 2013. Spanish:  Download

SICA presentation to Americas Gathering, Vancouver, Canada, June 2012:  English: Download

SICA presentation 2012 Spanish:  Download

SICA presentation 2011:  Download


SICA Reports

Download SICA Annual Reports

2011 Report (English)   Download

2011 Report (Spanish)   Download

2012 Report (English)  Download

2013 Report (English)  Download

2014 Report (English) (English)  Download

Four Year 2010 - 2014 Report  (English)  Download


SICA Flyer 

Download 2012 SICA flyer   Download

Download 2013 SICA flyer   Download


SICA Poems for Peace Reports

2012 Poems for Peace Report:  Download