Wherever You Are, Celebrate SICA's 34th Birthday August 15, 2017

Join us by hosting a  little SICA gathering wherever you are, read and share Bapak's little poem to the left. Share your own experiences of what that means to you. Share your own stories of who you are and how you found — or would like to find — your own way to "explore and find that art or culture of your true self."

Be sure to have a birthday cake and sing  happy birthday. Share  love and laughter. Make a video or take pix to share with all of us.




Where Spirituality

and Practice Meet!



(East-Belgium Ardennes,
not far from the City Spa)

A weekend for Arts and

Health practioners to come

together — bringing

ourselves and our talents.

From 4pm Friday 25th of August, until Monday 28th after lunch

The aim for the weekend is that we can be both a participant and/or program-maker. There will be space to share what we are doing in our work, to stimulate and spark ideas, as well as to add to our collective wisdom. We make the weekend together while leaving space for the mystery to be embraced.

Contributors so far:

  • Maxwell Fraval - Are your Charged up?
  • Sebastian Flynn - Culture Compass.
  • Hermione Elliott - Living & Dying Well?
  • Frank Heckman - Embassy of the Earth.
  • Eduard Schweden - Plans for the Chateau.
  • Erica Sapir - Puppets Without Borders.

Come and join us! There are only 15 places left for this weekend so book soon if you don’t want to be disappointed.
Click here to download Booking Form  and return to: <>


Green Chair Gallery July - November, 2017:

   The Sea – 
   A  Working


   Melvyn Evans


In welcoming Melvyn Evans back to Green Chair Gallery, we benefit from the rich landscapes that we already know him for but into which he now brings a clear love of the sea and ships that work in that environment. We particularly like the shapes these create and the atmosphere that it all evokes. He knows how to inspire us.  Visit the Green Chair Gallery for details.


Symphony: Celebrating Spiritual Diversity in Art and Culture:  June 2017

From SICA Australia: 

This was an art exhibition organized by Alena Kennedy and Libby Bloxham from the Wollongong Subud Group. It ran during March at Project Contemporary Artspace in Wollongong City.

Symphony was held around Harmony Day and focused on the spiritual aspect of human experience, with an emphasis on ‘unity in diversity’. ‘Unity in diversity’ is a concept of “unity without uniformity and diversity without fragmentation”. It focuses on the idea that diversity enriches human interactions. “We are all the leaves of one tree…We are all the waves of one sea…” Thich Nhat Hanh.

Alena says: “art can talk to us about the artist’s innermost inspirations. Art can uplift, challenge or change our ideas and attitudes. Libby and I wanted to provide a platform for artists to share their experiences and to honour the diverse ways that this can be expressed.”

The art exhibition included artworks by 22 artists and was accompanied by a weekend of performances and workshops. These included workshops in laughter, 3d construction with found materials, Argentinian drumming, Tai Chi, Interfaith chanting, Ekphrasis writing, crystal singing bowls and mosaic making. Performances included poetry reading, stilt dancing by Libby; classical guitar by Immanuel Creagh from the Subud Wollongong group; crystal singing bowls, Argentinian drumming, Singongo Choir and Kareeni Dance by children of SCARF (local refugees’ assistance group). The event was well supported by Wollongong Subud members and Viviana Creagh cooked a delicious international meal for the performance/workshop weekend. Valentina Temple, her daughter Bridie and Bridie’s friend were part of the exhibition group with a collection of photographs representing their studies of and feeling for nature in their home schooling program. Also exhibiting were Libby (sculptures) and Alena (painting).

SICA has been a continuing generous supporter, providing funding for the first exhibition insight (held at Wollongong’s Subud House in 2016), and for this year’s Symphony. These are part of an ongoing project called Insight Art Project. SICA is now funding the creation of an e-catalogue which records the Symphony event. Insight Art Project has the following aims:
– To provide opportunities to artists: visual and performing as well as writers to express that aspect of their life or awareness which reflects an inner or spiritual content. It also celebrates and acknowledges the diversity of ways in which we might understand and interpret our spirituality.

– To expose these events to a diverse audience and facilitate harmonious interactions in the community around creativity and spirituality.
– To create an interface between Subud and the general community, including various creative, spiritual, religious, welfare and community groups, in which Subud becomes known and familiar.

Libby and Alena are hoping to run a third exhibition in the Insight Art Project program in a couple of years’ time. They welcome applications for participation by artists in Subud Australia.


Keys to Creativity Workshop

at Zone 4 Gathering in Budapest


Rusydah Ziesel invites you to join her in Budapest to take A Creative Journey with yourself in order to discover, develop, and express your own talents and your own creativity.

You will take this journey via a series of lively creative workshops — including exploring your personal creativity via the kejiwaan —happening in conjunction with the Zone4 Gathering in Budapest the end of this month.

Writes Rusydah: "We will use an arts-centered approach and a rich variety of materials - paint, paper, colors, music, song, dance, film, media, performance, story-telling - in a climate of trust, spontaneity, and inspiration."

Creativity often shows itself in the moment. So inspiration and spontaneity are are key tools.

As Bapak said in a talk in Cilandak on New Years' Day in 1987: "So this is Subud -- something spontaneous."

This workshop is part of a new SICA initiative, Keys to Creativity 
and is led by multidisciplinary artist, performer, teacher, clown
and art therapist, RusydahZRusydah Ziesel.                               

At the Subud Zone 4 Gathering in Budapest, Hungary
28 April - 3 May, 2015

Contact Rusydah for more information.
rusydah AT or call her: 0049-170-9443955


Holocaust Memorial Day, Lewes UK

Lewes Town Hall, January 30, by Invitation of the Mayor


What began as a series of "coincidences" for Adrienne Thomas has led to an annual event in Lewes UK.  First was her passion for singing the music of Kurt Weil in a host of brtilliant cabarets; then performing in "Creativity in Captivity," the concert perfomance staged by Dahlan and Honora Foah that SICA produced as part of its Festival program in Puebla, Mexico this past summe; then discovering the book, I Never Saw Another Butterfly, a collection of poems by children who perished in Terezin, then meeting a woman in Lewes who is active with Amnesty International, then receiving a whole CD of music sung in Terezin, then meeting with a whole group of people including the Mayor of Lewes and the Town Council of Lewes, and now . . . 

Adrienne is central to the 2015 Holocaust Memorial Day events in Lewes and every year hereafter.  

She writes of the 2015 event:  "There will be a talk with images from Ruth Thompson who wrote the book Terezin: Voices From the HolocaustMalke's story, the true story of Gaby Weisler's grandmother, who perished in Auschwitz; "Silence," an animated film about one woman's experience in the Holocaust. I will then sing three songs written by women in Theresienstadt. Poems from the book I Never Saw Another Butterfly will be read by four children of the same age, and there will be music.

"But another amazing thing has happened too. I received an email yesterday from a man who had read the article we had placed in Viva Lewes and he has been writing a whole blog about Theresienstadt, where his blind composer grandfather and great grandfather died. He has photographs, letters, official documents, and most wonderful of all, a song, written by his grandfather which was found in his parents piano stool! I am going to meet him today and we would all like to try to find a way to include something of his in the programme!"  (And we hope you can, Adrienne! — ed.)




SICA Presents Conversations With Puebla, a World Class Festival of Art, Culture, 

and Creativity in Puebla, Mexico August 2-17, 2014


We invite you to join the conversation!  

Conversation — from the Latin, conversare, to turn around with — is key to engaging with  one another and key to exploring new ideas and feelings.  It's the heart of our creative process — and the theme of our Festival Program for the our upcoming World Congress in Puebla.  

Click on photo right for program flyer and sponsor opportunities.

Here are some Festival Highlights:                                                                      


Conversando Con Puebla:
Site Specific Works in Multiple Public Locations
August 2 - August 16, 2014
An exciting collaborative exhibition conceived by contemporary artists emerging on the international stage, the project enriches understanding across communities, especially those in Mexico. The project contributes to the recognition of shared aesthetic languages as well as different perspectives on cultural content. Each artist is challenged to create site-specific work that engages Puebla and its people.


Featured artists are: Veronica Herber, New Zealand; Aliça Bryson-Haynes, Australia; and Lavasir Nordrum, Norway. Award-winning German filmmaker, Heinz Cadera, will film the Conversando project.

SICArte 2014 and a Show in Mexico
Sala Jose Luis Rodriguez Alconedo, Plaza de los Artistas, Puebla and Green Chair Gallery, UK.
August 1 - September 5, 2014

A juried exhibition of work by twenty professional artists from around the world, SICArte 2014 will be both an online exhibition in UK’s highly successful Green Chair Gallery as well as a physical one, featuring select works from the virtual gallery, in the Sala José Luis Rodriguez Alconedo in Puebla’s historic Arts Quarter, "Barrio del Artista". When this particular gallery first opened, it featured the works of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera who had been regulars in the neighborhood.

TSICArte 2014 shows online from August 1 – September 5, 2014 and from August 3 – 13, 2014 in Puebla


Perspectivas: Seeing with New Eyes
Mall del Paseo San Francisco, Puebla, August 1 – August 16, 2014
Five outstanding photographers share what they see and how they dance with light in this amazing exhibition. It was Thoreau who said “It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” And Proust who said, “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes.” This exhibition takes you on that voyage of discovery with works by Ismanah Schulze-Vorberg, Germany; Bjorn Vaugh, Indonesia; Arnold Yuri Lev, Ukraine and USA; Domonique Wiseman, Australia; and Simon Cherpitel. USA.



Concert for String Sextet — a Mexican Premiere
Teatro Principal, Puebla, August 5, 2014

Six world class musicians will come together for the first time to perform the Mexican premiere of the Mozart-Erdélyi Sinfonia Concertante K.364 for String Sextet. Quarteto Latinamericano musicians Arón Bitrán, Álvaro Bitrán, and Javier Montiel join Hungarian born artist Csaba Erdélyi and US artists Hamilton Cheifetz, Kenn Wagner for this very exciting concert. Erdélyi has a unique relationship to this double concerto. He was the viola soloist in the film score of Amadeus, with Sir Neville Marriner conducting the Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to enjoy these world-class musicians playing together.

Creativity in Captivity — a Mexican Premiere:  
Teatro Principal, Puebla, August 11 & 13, 2014

Featuring music created by prisoners of war — on all sides— during World War II, this program makes us deeply consider what it means to be human:

"How is it possible to retain our humanity in the worst of circumstances? When everything is taken, what remains that allows us to survive not only, or not even, in body, but in spirit? What is it, in the power of creation, that activates what is most meaningful inside ourselves?”

These are the questions that inspired conductor Dahlan Foah and Honora Foah of Mythic Imagination ® Institute to partner with Italian concert pianist, composer and musicologist, Dr. Francesco Lotoro, to launch Creativity in Captivity. Professor Lotoro, who has devoted his life to recovering and restoring work composed in these camps, work was featured earlier this year in a BBC documentary. At the same time, the Foah's work with Creativity in Captivity — which beautifully presents the work of Lotoro, has garnered kudos from the US State Department as well as human rights organizations around the world — not to mention the artists of the world who work to better humankind. More information about Creativity in Captivity here:


World Premiere
Legend of the Half Boy, August 14. Two shows:  7:30 pm and 9pm

A Black Box and Shadow Puppet Theatre Presentation
Teatro Principal, Puebla, August 14 -15, 2014

An original black box puppet theater production commissioned by SICA, Legend of the Half Boy is inspired by an ancient folk myth about a boy who is born as only a half boy — and the adventure of his becoming whole, and how that affects the whole world around him.

Created and directed by Erica Sapir, founding member of Puppeteers Without Borders, an NGO whose members offer their professionalism in puppetry to teach educators, social workers, health workers, how to use puppets in their work with communities at risk. Puppets by Erica Sapir. Shadow puppets by Maya Sapir. Shadow puppets and video projections by David Anderson. Music and Book by David Weir. Erica, an award-winning puppeteer, has performed at the Jim Henson International Festival of Puppet Theatre and with Jerusalem's Train Theater.


Conversation Cafe

Conversation Cafe is the place where you can get a coffee and have a conversation about the future. The Future of Sprituality, The Future of Storytelling, The Future of Education, The Future of Design, etc. Panel discussions and/or interviews preceed an open Q and A session.  An auxiliary website will host those conversations.  Speakers leading and joining the conversation include Hardin Tibbs, Sharif Horthy, Victor Margolin, Paul Nelson, Ruslan Feldman, Sal Brownfield, and more. Click here for a taste of what we have in mind.

Angel of Peace, sculpture
a permanent gift to Puebla and her people
A Public Park, Puebla, Mexico. Date TBD

Peace is a major focus of SICA’s work. Its global initiative, POEMS FOR PEACE, in celebration of the UN’s International Peace Day, has reached over a million people worldwide for the past two years. In August, SICA will gift an original sculpture representing an Angel of Peace to the people of Puebla during the Conversations with Puebla festival. The dedication ceremony will feature selections from SICA’s Poems for Peace— as it was performed last year in Wolfsburg, Germany

Poems for Peace
Zone4Peace, Convention Center, August 6

Last year, SICA's global "Poems for Peace“ initiative inspired a magical evening at Subud's Central and Eastern European ("Zone 4") gathering in Wolfsburg, Germany. It was an amazing and moving celebration that honored peace with poems and music recited and sung by ordinary people in the myriad native languages and rhythms of the many countries and cultures of Zone 4. *  SICA is thrilled that Zone 4 will reprise this event in Puebla, a UNESCO World Heritage center. Fully reprise — not only the event, but also the process of creating it. Poem, from the Greek, poein — to make or create. Everyone can participate.

The program is also an invitation to groups around the world to host their own Poems for Peace event on the next celebration of Peace Day, September 21, 2014.

* Countries in Zone 4: Austria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark & Faroe Islands, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Kosovo, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Moldova, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine.

Download your festival brochure with more details here.  


Jerry Chalem Art Exhibition & Benefit for SICA

After Successful MAY opening at subud chelsea center in NYC
The Chalem 
Exhibtion is now online

JERRY CHALEM:  1930 - 2012

Artist, poet, visionary, and big-hearted dedicated Subud brother, Jerry supervised the construction of NYC Subud Center, and launched the Interview Project that captured  on videotape some unforgettable stories of Subud members' experiences with Bapak and how the latihan had affected their lives. 

Now, Subud New York, together with members of Jerry's family, are mounting a fabulous exhibition of Jerry's work at the Subud Chelsea Center, the New York Center Jerry helped to create! This exhibition will help to support the completion of Jerry's work with the Interview Project. 

Describing his own art, Jerry wrote: "In every rejected object, abandoned and forgotten, lies a spirit. This spirit is the essence, the soul, the heart, the core of its being. It is the story of its past and the music of its future life. It is the basic unique character imbued into it by its original creator and the form made for it by the basic elemental forces of nature. Each object in any of my works has been chosen because I sensed and felt in it a very strong and haunting presence. It is this presence or spirit that makes the movement and sets the pace for each piece. These are not inanimate objects but living, happy, joyous spirits singing in beautiful harmony with every other open and sensitive spirit receptive and open enough to receive them."

Write the curators of this exhibit: "What sets Jerry’s work apart is how the effect of his communication to the observer mirrors his own character: poetic, positive, compassionate, joyous and peaceful. In short, the antidote to what ails civilization in our times.

Jerry wrote of the Interview Project: "This project began in 1995. The interviews asked questions such as 'What are your experiences with Bapak?' and 'How has the latihan affected your life?' We have accumulated over 100 hours of interviews. From two interviews with Lusanna Faliks we produced a double video called 'Stories of Bapak and Ibu'. Harun Murray at ISC at the time helped to finance this and the content is Lusanna Faliks telling of her experiences living in Wisma Subud, Indonesia, with Bapak and Ibu. Someday someone will edit parts of this material for a video presentation to the public."

SICA is dedicated to accomplishing that last wish.

Click here to visit the Chalem Exhibition online where you can view the art and also make purchases And while you're there, feast on the Remembrances section of the site as well. 


SICA Poems for Peace® Gears Up for Peace Day 2014.

Last year, SICA's Poems for Peace® initiative reached over 1,000,000 people with events in cities and towns  across Canada, USA, New Zealand, England, Germany, France, Australia, Italy, Venezuela, Brazil  — and the beat goes on. 

Of course, the big thrill for us was having the Mayor, in Austin, Texas (where SICA's headquarters are now) proclaim September 21 Poems for Peace Day in Austin. So this year, in Austin, we're already planning for a big city-wide celebration of Peace Day that will start with 9/11 and end on Peace Day, 9/ 21. We are collaborating with many other city organizations and groups. Our theme, for all oue activities, is "Choosing Not to Hate" — inspired by Nelson Mandela who chose not to hate because love was so much
more effective.  Watch this space for more details.

Download a copy of the proclamation.  And thank you all for participating!

Internationally, we are once again partnering with Peace One Day and with our national SICA organizations as well as local Subud groups and members who want to be involved.



Register Now for 5 Days of Painting from the Souce ® — with Aviva Gold

Seven Circles Retreat Center in the California Sierras, Oct 19-24, 2014










  (She is


   top left)


"A transformational workshop that's especially supportive of anyone going through a life transition"

— Robert Mertens.   He writes: "I'm highly recommending this Painting Workshop with Aviva to you, my Subud friends, and your friends and families. It is a 5-day experience of healing and transformation given in a most delightful format. The format might be called "Process Painting" (in that it opens us to our creative source through the process of painting).It is more than this describes.  More. . . (Click here to download Robert's amazing experience of this workshop — and what it led to AFTER the workshop.)

Download a workshop flyer here.  For a discount, register by June 15th.


Rohana Laing Offers Painting Classes  

in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Would you like to join me in San Miguel this winter?, writes artist Rohana Laing, in her blog.  (Her very vibrant and exciting work was recently featured in the online Green Chair Gallery )  She will be offering 4 one week sessions in Jan, Feb, Mar and April,

            Jan.6-10, 2014

            Feb.10-14, 2014

            March 10-14, 2014

            April 7-11, 2014

You can see her work and her resume at

She continues, "Classes will be small, meeting in my apartment near the center of town, and painting out of doors at many inspiring locations, including gardens and colourful street scenes.

Cost will be $200 for the week, 4 hours a day, 9am to 2 pm with a one hour break for the Mexican mid morning meal about 11 am. This will leave you lots of time to visit the many art galleries, restaurants, parks, and hotsprings and time to attend the many excellent concerts, plays and other cultural events in this thriving arts center.

You will arrange for your transportation and hotel, but I am willing and able to give you suggestions as to how to get there from Mexico City (direct fist class bus fromthe airport) or Leon (also direct but closer). I will have a list of hotels and prices,
the local English paper and websites will inform you about ongoing activities.

Email her  if you are interested. 


Mhd. Isman Kanafsky, Chair of SICA-USA, leads a series of workshops around the

USA on the Latihan and True Culture

from an article by julia hurd for the Subud USA News:      

Muhammad Isman Kanafsky, SICA USA Chairperson, reminding us of Bapak's guidance, writes:

In the latihan, true culture is being reawakened. We walk, we talk, we sing, we dance and we pray, etc.. Our human soul has been reawakened and is the source of true culture, guided by the power of God. What is the purpose of all these movements that we are receiving? We know how to do all of these things. Why are we being made to do them all again? That is the main difference. We are being made to do them.

In the past, we made all these movements from our passions and desires. Now we are experiencing how to live by our human soul, which is guided by the power of God. The question then remains, are we putting this into our daily life? Are we setting an example for all mankind? Are we a living example of Susila, Budhi, Dharma? If not, why not? It’s like, God gives you a fountain pen, but you never write anything with it. If you don’t use it in your life, why would God give you anything else?

The SICA-USA workshops have been held recently in Sacramento and New York focusing on this theme of the latihan and true culture. The next one is in Santa Cruz. "We hope to continue these workshops." adds Isman," through the National Congress and the World Congress in Puebla. These workshops have been very successful at deepening the understanding of the U.S.A. membership about culture and the benefits of the latihan in our daily life. We hope to be invited to other groups that wish to have such a workshop. Our goal is to do at least one a month."


The Yardbirds, including original founding

member,Top Topham, play US September 2013

"What a bill!!!" say the promos — and we agree!   Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame Inductees...Direct From London, Yardbirds with original founding member, drummer, vocalist, songwriter Jim McCarty, original guitarist/ founding member Top Topham, Ben King, David Smale & Andy Mitchell. touring the states in September.

Hits include; "Train Kept A Rollin", "For Your Love", "Dazed And Confused", "I'm A Man", "Heart Full Of Soul", "Shapes Of Things", "Over Under Sideways Down", "I Wish I Would", "Happenings Ten Years Time Ago", "The Nazz Is Blue", & "Evil Hearted You".  Have a listen!

Sanderson doen't just play music, by the way — as we noted in our last SICA Update.  He is multi-talented.  Visit his website to see more of Sanderson's creative endeavors.


In August 2013 "Halimah the Dreamah" — aka Halimah Collingwood — celebrated 

22 years hosting "Ethnic Excursions," her popular world music radio program

The following article is by John Driscoll.                                                                                             
Reprinted from Driscoll's article for the Times Standard, Eureka, California

"When venturing into unfamiliar territory, it's good to have a guide. As a guide into a world of music, Halimah Collingwood is eminently qualified.

Known to many as “Halimah the Dreamah”, the KHSU disk jockey has been leading listeners around the globe for 22 years through her show Ethnic Excursions, filtering a vast volume of sounds that reflect the cultures in which they were born.

Collingwood's own career as a musician was forged in the fires of the 1960s, where she rubbed elbows with up-and-coming legends like Jerry Garcia and Bob Dylan. Her spiritual path, Subud, drew her from San Jose State University to Indonesia, the start of many journeys around the world.

The whole time, she was listening.

”I think we have some understanding of cultures,” she said in an interview at her Arcata home, “then we hear music and it fits.”

When Collingwood turned 60, she had a big party. She asked people to put pins in a globe to show the places they'd lived or visited. And she realized just how much of the globe that group of people had experienced.

The musicologist Alan Lomax had shown connections between the structure of music and the structure of the societies that created it. The rigidity of a culture, or the expressiveness of a society, can be reflected in how a singer's voice rolls.

When you are open to the music, Collingwood said, you are moved by it. In particular, Middle Eastern music touches a chord in Collingwood. Why?

”You can't intellectualize it,” she said.

Collingwood grew up in a conservative, white suburb of Los Angeles. She started singing when she was six in choirs and in her high school dance band. At San Jose State, she sang under the name Sherry Snow, and in 1965 hooked up with singer and songwriter Jeff Blackburn. Blackburn and Snow sang together for two years, but what appeared to be a flash in time would come back to her 25 years later.

She later lived in London and then in Scotland, where her two sons were born. In 1983, she moved to Arcata.

In 1998, Collingwood got a call from ACE Records, which was looking to produce CDs from music made in the San Francisco Bay Area in the 1960s. A producer had heard Blackburn and Snow 15 years before, and wanted to compile the music for an album.

He got hold of their old producer, the old masters and photos, and the next year Collingwood had a CD of all their music in hand.

By then, Ethnic Excursions was well-tuned, and Collingwood was several years into her other love, the Arcata Interfaith Gospel Choir. The choir had its roots in the Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir, which performed at Center Arts during the Rodney King riots in Los Angeles in 1992. A gospel choir was formed, made up of a dozen singers.  (And they just had a concert, September 13, 2013 — ed.)

Today, the choir can't fit on its risers, she said. There are 80 singers. And they are a tight-knit group, she said.

”The choir becomes an avenue for people to express their spirituality,” Collingwood said. But “it's not just about the singing, it's about the camaraderie.”

As a choir is able to do, Collingwood's Ethnic Excursions -- 90.5 FM -- continues to create an atmosphere for people who are listening. The show acts as a kind of filter for people too busy to investigate the massive selection of music like that in the stacks of CDs in Collingwood's home and in the huge KHSU library.

And even after all these years, Collingwood still plans her show.

”You never know how what you do affects other people,” Collingwood said." 


Migel Bernal and Julia Ruiz Perform

For Zone 3 Gathering at O Convento in Poio in July

Acclaimed organist Miguel Bernal and soprano Julia Ruiz gave a magnificent concert in the beautiful church, adjacent to the Monasterio in Poio.  (Hospederia Monasterio de Poio is set in a former monastery and includes charming courtyards, rooms, cafe, wi fi — the works.) All the guests staying at the Monasterio — including the Zone 3 Gathering attendees and a large group of active people with disabilities  — were invited to this unexpected treat. Everyone was thrilled.  And it was a free concert at that. 

Migel is a specialist with old Iberic organ music — and his sounds filled the church with joy and life. He played 16th Century music of A. de Cabezón, organist in the court of King Felipe II; and F.Correa de Arauxo, organist in Sevilla El Salvador.  Then followed concert selections for Voice and Organ with his wife, Julia Ruiz. Julia, who is an outstanding professional soprano (she has  sung Beethoven's Ninth Symphony in Madrid's Auditorio Nacional) also filled the church with her beautiful rich voice. She sang pieces from Handel, Mozart Shubert, and Turina. Her Ave  Maria was especially moving.  Both are also members of Subud Madrid.

Pictured right, the church where the concert took place. The organ is in a balcony at the rear of the church.  More images of O Convento and the Monasterio of Poio are here.


SICA France Announces SICA Week 2013                  

Raphaëlle Vivier, Chair of SICA France, writes she has just taken a house in beautiful Bénodet, 15 km from Quimper, for a SICA Week from August 24 - 31, 2013.  Benodet is located on a hill descending down to the sea, with small houses surrounded by flowery gardens.The house is about 150 meters from the sea — and 500 meters to the man beach — and the therapy center with sea water, swimming pool, and bubbling jets.  The cost is € 100 per person for a week. There are also camping accommodations close by. If you are interested, please contact Raphaëlle directly together with a € 30 deposit.


SICA Italy To Host a Series of Creativity Workshops:  

the inner creator and The Six Senses of Creativity.

What does it mean to be creative? Is it just something artists have or is it something anyone can express in one's daily life? These are workshops will help participants access their own inate creativity — creativity that may have been long covered up by one's upbringing, one's schooling, one's job, and one's family.  The workshops will be led by international artist and holistic healer, Shola Birgitt Sharp. All workshops will take place in Anticoli Corrado (Rome).

The inner Creator Workshops will be from  October 10-13. 2013. The Six Senses of Creativity will take place July 15-26, 2013. Please contact
SICA Italy for more information.


SICA Invites Subud Groups and Communities Worldwide to

Host a Poems for Peace Event in Honor of Peace Day, 
21 September 2013

With POEMS FOR PEACE, SICA has initiated what has become an annual global campaign to celebrate International Peace Day, every 21 September.

This year, SICA is inviting Subud groups and communities worldwide to join the initiative by hosting a Poems for Peace event of their own..

SICA'S campaign works in tandem with a global coalition of NGOs working together with UK's Peace One Day. Here's what Jeremy Gilley. founder of Peace One Day when he heard we were gearing up to do this again this year.

It’s wonderful to hear about your plans to repeat and expand Poems for Peace this year and look forward to hearing your updates. Thank you for lending your support to the Peace One Day initiative.

As you know, the theme for 2013 is “Who Will You Make Peace With?” and we look forward to getting in touch with you to share more information about the campaign.

Again Latifah,
thanks for collaborating with Peace One Day.

If you or your groups wants to host a Poems for Peace event, you can download our how-to-do-it TOOLKIT right here right now.  And don't hesitate to get back to us if you need ideas for Press Releases or other publicity material

We invite all people all over the world to share Poems for Peace on that day. Anyone and everyone can be involved. People don't have to be connected to SICA. They just have to be willing to share their love of poetry — and their love of peace —with others on Peace Day.

Come gather together,  in all your communities and countries, to write, recite, sing and share your poems and songs in celebration of peace on Peace Day 2013.  The poems and songs you share can be your own or your favorites.  You can do this in your homes, in parks, in halls and malls, in public squares, in churches, in schools — wherever you are. And share what you do with others. Film it.  Document it. Post what you do on our special Poems For Peace One Day Facebook page.

The United Nations established the International Day of Peace — "Peace Day" — in 1981, and in 2001 the UN made Sepatember 21 the official date for Peace Day.  

Peace One Day got started by a young Englishman named Jeremy Gilley in 1999.  It began as a nonprofit organization that created a one day truce in Afghanistan so that health workers could safely get to children to treat them on that day. In 2001 Peace One Day’s efforts were rewarded when the member states of the United Nations unanimously made Peace Day also an annual day of "global ceasefire and non-violence."  

Now, every year,  21 September has marked Peace Day as a day for wide-scale community action and a day for UN agencies and aid organisations to safely carry out life-saving work.  

For Peace Day last year, Peace One Day and the Secretary General of the UN called for a Global Truce, for fighters everywhere to lay down their arms on that day in the hopes of achieving the largest reduction in global violence in recorded history, both domestically and internationally. (Click on image right to watch video). 

SICA is proud to be part of this global initiative for peace.