A Life with Ambition

I would be lying if I said that my life was all rainbows and positivity and that I easily overcame any challenge coming my way. As a Young Adult going towards his 30s, societal city life seems to consistently try to pull me back into some fear or losing confidence – Will I make money out of my projects? Should I get a regular job? Should I have my own flat? Should I actively look for a Girlfriend? Haha… I think we can all relate to the idea that we carry our fair share of doubts towards our ways of life, and at times, these doubts can lead us to take a wrong turn just to feel comfortable.

I personally find that an Inspired Life is one where we actually face our discomfort while looking for some sort purpose in what we do. A life where we trust in our guidance to tell ourselves ‘Whatever happens, I have nothing to worry about if I stay true to myself’. I know it’s not easy, and this is why I invite you to look inside and ask ‘Where is my motivation coming from?’. I can’t speak for everyone, but if your life concerns are similar to mine, there might be a truth in saying that your Expectations have taken over what truly matters to you. Maybe some expectations of success, recognition, money, perfect family, etc… And you might end up struggling at times because you hold on to the belief that this is what you want out of life, walking on eggshells to keep a sense of control over these expectations.

If that is the case, we might try and remind ourselves, that end goals are not meant to be what guides us. They are just here to give us a sense of direction, but they will slowly eat us up if we let them take control over our lives. What if we looked at our Ambition for guidance instead? It’s pretty much the same concept, but it is based on the premise that our guidance lives in the present moment, rather than looking towards the future. We can be ambitious about something for a second, or for a lifetime, and if we are able to remember that the journey is what really matters, than we can live fully whatever we are doing, our expectations start to vanish, and at this moment we can appreciate life knowing that are motivations are true.

Now that is an opinion based on my own life, and I know we should all be looking for our own answers, but I think that with the guidance of our inner, and our capacity to reflect on what it is we truly want or need to achieve, then life shouldn’t be about end goals, but rather living by expressing ourselves fully in whatever we are doing, and in a way that matters to us.

For me, it’s all about a life of Ambition without Expectation, and if you interested in discovering more about this journey, I invite you to check out my project Off Trail Diary

Guillaume Sanchez
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