Adventures in Subud

by Harris Smart

At the time of the Freiburg Congress I released a new book about Subud called ADVENTURES IN SUBUD. “A book that will open doors to enquirers about Subud and is a major contribution to our knowledge about Subud and its positive impact in the world. A comprehensive panoramic view of people and their spirituality written by a seasoned journalist.”  — Valentine Navey The book presents an overview of the development of Subud covering practically every aspect of Subud life including spiritual experiences, enterprises, welfare projects, cultural projects, health and healing and youth. It is 360 pages long with 120 illustrations including photographs and also cartoons by Marcus Bolt and Dirk Campbell. It shows Subud as a dynamic movement combining spirituality and action in the world.

The book is now released in digital edition.

Since Freiburg Congress, the book has been available on We are now releasing the book in a digital format which includes all the material text and illustrations in the same layout as is included in the physical book Lulu edition. The advantages with this new addition is that it is cheaper and you will receive it instantly rather than having to wait for it to be printed and come to you by post. The cost of the new digital version is US$17.50 (approximately AUS$25, GB£13.5, EURO €15), To obtain the book: CLICK ON THIS LINK. This will take you to a page where the book is listed by a thumbnail of the cover. Click on this and follow the prompts to pay for an obtain the digital copy of the book. The original physical book version is still available from PROCEEDS FROM THE BOOK GO TO SUPPORT THE CONTINUING PUBLICATION OF SUBUD VOICE. WE ARE ENTERPRISING AT SUBUD VOICE!

Comments by readers

“This is a feast of a book, rich in history, explanation and vintage anecdote, woven together through the steadfast voice of Harris Smart, long term editor of Subud Voice.” “This is a masterful and at times heart-wrenching record of our Subud experience over recent decades: replete with it hope and disappointment, revelation and joy – leavened with the marvellously irreverent cartoons of Marcus Bolt and Dirk Campbell.” “This is the story of my community, a very precious part of my life.” — Dr Livingston Armytage “A varied and colourful collection of lived adventures that well reflect the diversity of human nature.” — Leonard Lassalle “Harris Smart’s latest (and finest) book … It aims at providing a ‘one-stop shop’ for enquirers with coverage of all aspects of Subud.” — Hussein Rawlings “I would like to recommend ‘Adventures in Subud’ to anyone on, or about to start, a spiritual path. As a spiritual path, by its very nature, is very difficult to describe I recommend that you open the book at random and read what is there. If it resonates then go on.” — Edward Mackenzie

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