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Blue Mountain Peaks Digital art by artist Ashwin Rajaraman |

The meaning and purpose of human life is to act as a channel for the Power of God to work through us for the benefit of ‘All That Is’.

I often attribute this quote to Bapak, though actually Bapak may have never said those exact words in the same exact way as written here. But for me, this understanding of man’s purpose came to me only after I joined Subud and only from Bapak and I believe this is what he asked us to do and be – I have come across all parts of this sentence in his various talks, his books and his letters over a period of time. This is my motto and creed in Subud Life. Hence for me, it is Bapak who said this because I would not have come to this understanding otherwise, but for him and his work. — Ashwin Rajaraman

Ashwin is an IT professional who has postgraduate diplomas in Marketing Management and Computer Software & Applications, in addition to a graduate degree in Physics. He has worked in different domains and industries throughout his professional career, in a number of different countries around the world and has a rich and varied experience and exposure to different cultures and doing business in and with them. A strong believer in team work, he has created multiple successful teams from scratch in his various assignments and operations around the world and has held a number of top management positions as part of his illustrious career. Currently Ashwin is an IT consultant and advisor to a couple of mid-tier IT Organisations in his native hometown of Chennai.

In addition, Ashwin has anchored his organisation’s CSR activities in every region and country he has worked in and has created and sustained several Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects w.r.t fundraising, donor relations and communication initiatives, with the marginalised, under-privileged and economically weaker sections of society.

Also a creative artist dabbling in photography and digital art, Ashwin is an avid photographer, has a passion for dancing and loves to travel – in fact his cherished dream is to travel the world, connect with different cultures and people through photography and bring their varied stories to the forefront as a form of showcasing both the diversity and the inter-connectedness within this world we live in. His brain is brimming with a lot of creative ideas and projects, both to organise and raise funds for SICA and in the process, showcase the multiple talents of various Subud members and artists across the world.

A Subud member since early 1985, a past Chair and current helper, Ashwin organised the First Zone 1 & 2 meeting held in Chennai, India in 1995 which enabled Ibu Rahayu to visit India for the first time. He has also brought out a compilation in two volumes, of all talks of Bapak delivered during Ramadhan over thirty years, titled ‘Bapak’s Ramadhan Talks’. Currently he anchors his personal Subud initiative ‘Talk For The Day’, excerpts from selected talks of Bapak, sent by email twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays, to interested members around the world.

He has vast experience and multiple skills in organizing, networking, team building, fundraising, CSR activities and communication, which he believes will be of sustained value and interest to members and artists associated with Subud and SICA around the world.

He signs off with ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’, a quote made famous by his role model Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, who lived it his entire life through his thoughts, words and deeds.

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