Beauty In Us All

My beautiful diverse family and friends of all ages, nations etc, I had a vision for a video clip to accompany my song ‘Beauty In Us All’ which speaks about truth, unity and the beauty in us all … I saw faces of the many friends and family I have, know and love and feel honoured to have in my life in such harmonious abundant variety.

“I wanna do all I can, I wanna feel brotherhood of man,
Or I can’t see no point in it at all
People trying to make someone feel small
I don’t see the joy in it
Why would you wanna try and destroy…
This beauty in us all? Beauty in us all…”

To make this vision of the video clip come true, I would be so honoured and grateful if any of you would be willing to allow me to use photos of you. I’m hoping for a combination of different people, of all ages, races, abilities etc.

It would be wonderful to become able to show photos of groups of people (or two friends/couples) from mixed cultures, preferences and more. Please personal message me your photos — the beauty of a melting pot of people of all cultures, creeds and abilities — with permission to use the photo in this clip.

Lucida with Nana, Mom and her daughter

It would be wonderful to add your pictures to the song.

I’ll be posting updates and snippets of the songs progress…

Thanks in advance!
Much appreciation, love and respect…


To support Lucida, please send her an email with your photo at

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