Culture Bar Camp

After our successful start of the “Innovation Culture Camp” in May, the “Culture Bar Camp” goes into the second round. Together with the YOUTH, SICA is building an Online Academy and the “Culture Bar Camp” is a teaser for it. In future you will find more in-depth workshops on the SICA Online Academy on our website.

The “Culture Bar Camp” is and a so-called participatory conference in which the participants determine themselves the content and the programme. Everyone could contribute to making it a successful and exciting event. Get involved and share your knowledge and talent with others. We would be delighted if you inspire with your own session or find inspiration in one of the offered sessions. A day full of workshops, discussions and impulses.

The sessions are the heart of the “Culture Bar Camp”. They are briefly introduced before all workshops begin and then scheduled into the day’s programme according to interest.

A session is 45 minutes long. Your session could be a discussion, a presentation of a method or a question that you would like to discuss with others. It could be a challenge you have in live and find support, in healthy habits, in marketing or business, in leadership, or something completely different…

On Saturday and Sunday, 10th & 11th September, from 9am–12pm EST.

At 9.15am EST, each day all workshop leaders will present their workshops.

We will have 2 time slots on Saturday:
10am–10.45am EST
11am–11.45am EST

and 2 time slots on Sunday:
10am–10.45 am EST
11am–11.45 am EST

We expect up to 3 sessions in parallel at the same time. Or more…

Participants will choose which session they would like to attend. This event follows the rules of an “Open Space” method. So it is possible that a session will not take place if no one has selected to attend. The person who offered to lead a workshop then becomes a workshop participant and might find inspiration.

If you would like to contribute with a session, please contact:

Rusydah Ziesel at: or

Susheel Balasubramaniam (Zone 2 YR)


Write us and you will get your time slot and further info for workshop leaders.

We look forward to seeing you!

Your organisational team.

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