Dancing with Stefan Freedman

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for two months I’m posting a different dance video. Many are my choreographies, and the music is very diverse.

Greek, Latin, African, serene, humorous, solemn, etc. Some fairly simple some more intricate. Free and open to all just by going to www.worldance.org and looking for ‘HEARTSTRINGS’.

The videos are put up by our webmaster early-ish in the morning.

Monday, I will upload gentle dances with soothing music, Wednesday upbeat dances with exciting music, Fridays – favorites, and requests.

The videos will be available any time – from that moment, onwards. A gift till the end of ‘lockdown’.

We usually sell dance videos, but for the duration of the Lockdown I am posting videos free on www.worldance.org

Each dance is first taught, then danced with the music. All are welcome to join in or to watch and enjoy special music.

This fulfilling dance/culture/groupwork vocation is very much due to the latihan.

Latihan helped me get over my shyness and discover a love of dancing. Then prompted me in the direction of teaching & choreography.

Warm regards from Stefan and Enjoy the Dances

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