Everyone’s Home

Brothers and sisters, I would be so honoured and would love for you to listen to this newly released music album by Subud youth members Madelyn, Bella, Alexis Ward and Hadrian Pollard. As their mother I was witness to their process in music-making and the result I believe delivers the kind of culture in the arts that Bapak talked about. Please join me in encouraging and supporting these kinds of fine works by our next generation. Listen here: watertheband.hearnow.com. And feel free to share!

—  Love, Kailani


Water The Band is a Winston-Salem based group of siblings who write and perform original music. Alexis, Bella and Madelyn are children of Matthew and Kailani Ward, and grandchildren of Sofyan and Halimah Brugger and Rayner Ward and Camille Hofvendahl. Hadrian is the son of Rashad and Latimah Pollard.

Their debut album, “Everyone’s Home,” was written over the course of several summer and winter holidays when the siblings, scattered after various educational pursuits, would all come home for break.

This is what they say about their music: “Our songs, inspired by the wide-ranging artistic and cultural influences we grew up with, place emphasis on human experience and inner movement.”



Listening to the music from Madelyn, Bella, Alexis and Hadrian, it is hard to stop the eyes from closing and the inner feeling from moving. Deeply touching lyrics, each song is rich in poetry and has it’s own unique feeling and sound. The layered compositions reflect their classical training. Their beautiful clear voices fly and dance with each other.

To read more about the band, please click at https://www.waterthebandmusic.com
You can enjoy their music here: https://watertheband.hearnow.com

Song Recommendations: “Canary in the Coal Mine” and “To Be A Wave“.



I dipped my toes into the wide sea of a new creation
I felt whispers of far off currents charged with kinetic purpose
I sensed velvety depths where ideas lurk before floating to the surface
To clash in foamy surf with all that has already been judged
By the sure rays of the sun

Now I stand firmly, ankle deep
The tide excavates the sand beneath my feet
With each delicate drag it pulls me deeper
So that someday if I stand persistently and trust stubbornly
It might consent to consume me completely

My feet are buried in the sea and I am the sea
I dearly wish to catch a current
And braid myself into it

Of all the waves let me be one!
To wet the sand so that it might reflect the sun and sky
For a few moments of my own

To read more about the band, please click on https://www.waterthebandmusic.com
You can enjoy their music here: https://watertheband.hearnow.com


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