Our Subud Story

Welcome to “Our Subud Story” the founder is Isti Jenkins and her vision was to gather and provide a permanent, safe place for you to share stories of the latihan working in your life. Also to share stories about Subud pioneers so that their work to support the latihan will not be forgotten.

Why are we doing this?

It is the experiences we have that provide us with proof of the the latihan and how it connects us to the power of God. Sharing our stories builds our confidence in the reality that the latihan reveals to us. Stories can also inform and inspire us. The act of storytelling builds community as people get to know each other better and we can reflect on our own and others’ journeys.

How can you access these stories?

These stories have been sent to us by Subud brothers and sisters in written form or as videos or in audio format. To access the stories just click any of these links:

  • Written stories (insert link)
  • Videos (insert link)
  • Audio stories (insert link)
  • Memories of Bapak (JCIP) (insert link)

Do you want to share a story?

If you have a story you want to share on this site please send it to our new Coordinator Arifin Zilleruelo chilesica@gmail.com. The site is secure and can only be accessed by Subud members. Stories can be published in your name or anonymously if you prefer.

The steps for offering a story for publication are:

  1. Write or record your story. We expect most written stories will be 200-800 words long. However longer stories may be placed on our site under the category of ‘Long Reads’. We expect videos and audio recordings to be from 5-30 minutes long.
  2. Read our Editorial Policy. It has been created to ensure that the stories are of good quality, appropriate, diverse and representative of the broad Subud community. We have established a small, international Editorial Committee to consider whether each story submitted for publication is in line with the editorial policy.
  3. Complete and sign the ‘Authority to Publish Form’ which authorises us to publish your story on this site. Indicate if you want it to be published under your name or anonymously. Click here (insert link) for the form.
  4. Send your story and the ‘Authority to Publish Form” to us at: oursubudstory@gmail.com
  5. We will contact you to let you know if your story will be published. Sometimes we may suggest some edits to ensure your story conforms with our editorial guidelines.

Would you like to run a Storytelling Workshop?

We have also provided guidelines for interested people to conduct a storytelling workshop in your group or at a congress. It’s a great way to get to know each other better, and to share your experiences.

Guide to conduct Storytelling Workshops:

See an example of a storytelling workshop called ‘Telling Our Everyday Subud Stories’ created by United Kingdom SICA representatives Harry Norman and Marius Grose. There is also an evaluation of the workshop provided by the facilitator.