Words To Put A Bounce In Your Step

We are happy to announce the birth of ‘DANCE WISE’. Subud author, Stefan Freedman, has produced a heart-warming and captivating book.

Dance Wise Book

You’ll find Five Elements:

  1. Easy, enjoyable exercises to music which everyone can achieve.
  2. Musings about timeless moments and how to remedy stress.
  3. Stories and anecdotes from the author’s worldwide group work.
  4. A vision for a harmonious world and practical suggestions for contributing.
  5. Delightful illustrations and poetry.

Stefan considers this book his most valuable legacy. He says, “Subud people, you will chuckle. The first chapter heading is From Clunky to Slinky, and I bet you can imagine from your own experience how the latihan supported me in overcoming shyness.”

“It was a surprise to find a natural dancer hiding in my clumsy body. A further amazement to be producing original choreography, and hosting international cultural events worldwide. When I design dances or work with groups I often feel a strong connection with the latihan. At those times I am given help to put aside personal limitations and struggles. Things seem to flow.”

Here is a brief extract from the book:

Dancing rouses all the slumbering ghosts in your mansion. Spellbound by rhythms and intricate geometries, day to day worries vanish. You are totally present.

My fascination is with the internal experience, the ‘invisible dance’, which accompanies the body movements. There is a light and playful element to dancing which has inspired the writing. This provides a counterpoint to the scientific content of the text.

Dance provides cathartic release from physical and emotional stress. It can leave you feeling serene, emptied of anxieties. We will investigate how this happens and how to maximise these benefits.


“Stefan is both wordsmith and visionary. What delighted me was his obvious grasp of the dynamics of breakdown in both the health of the individual and in global societies. A unique study on the transformative power of dance, combining artistry and enlightenment, wisdom and understanding. A wonderful gift to all those working towards seeding a better future.” 

— Stephanie Rose, dance facilitator and therapist

You can purchase Stefan’s book, Dance Wise here.

If you would like to support, do treat yourself to a copy and leave a review on Amazon.

You can watch Stefan’s online book launch here:


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