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SICA Explore Zoom Event on 14 April 2023 with Leonardo Wild

This presentation over Zoom by writer Leonardo Wild on “Story Writing Made Simple”, was held on Friday, April 14, 2023. This event is the first in a new series of Zoom presentations by creative people, sponsored by SICA, the Subud International Cultural Association. Anyone interested in learning more about writing from Leonardo is invited to check out his online course on Udemy at this link:


Leonardo Wild says writing is about understanding the world better, about immersing readers into reality rather than escaping from it. Leonardo is a professional author with 11 books and 200 published articles as well as 50 produced scripts, from TV spots to institutional videos for various production companies, as well as written and directed feature-length documentaries, one of them the award-winning (LA’s 2010 “Merit Award for Awareness”) Yasuni Two Seconds of Life, and before that, Pesta, Experiences Of An Open School.

Leonardo has given numerous workshops on writing at various universities as well as writers’ conferences, including CraftFest and ThrillerFest, in New York. He is an International Thriller Writers (ITW)  member since 2008. Writing has been Leonardo’s livelihood and passion since age twelve throughout his varied career – sailed across the Atlantic and the Pacific including surviving the Category 4 Cyclone “Harry” in 1989, walking over the Andes (three times) into the Amazon jungle with Native Indians, took part in gold survey expeditions in Ecuador’s rain forests, cycled across South America, built wooden houses, and advised Ecuador’s Central Bank on currency design.

Leonardo is a Subud member living in Ecuador.


Bebudibe Your Creativity
with Rusydah Ziesel – Online on Zoom

Friday 26 May 2023

This is a promotional video for an upcoming activity over Zoom by Professional Art Therapist Rusydah Ziesel on “Bebudibe Your Creativity”, to be held on Friday, May 26. This event is Episode 2 of SICA Explore, a series of Zoom presentations by creative people, sponsored by SICA, the Subud International Cultural Association.

The SICA Explore event featuring Rusydah Ziesel on Friday, May 26 will be at the following times:

11 am — Los Angeles, USA
2 pm — New York, USA
7 pm — London, UK
8 pm — Berlin, FRG
11.30 pm — New Delhi, IN

The Zoom Meeting link is:

Zoom Meeting ID: 836 8428 0807



Rusydah Ziesel is an Artist and an Art-Therapist who combines creativity and spirituality. Like all of us, she is a “natural” channel for divine power. Rusydah believes that every human being is a creative being and says we are all co-creators of our own lives.