“Education for Peace” is one of the UN’s themes for Peace Day.  It calls for us to share our knowledge and hopes and to invite others to become peacemakers.

Displaying the Proclamation for Peace One Day in Austin, Texas in 2012.

Poems for Peace® is a global initiative SICA began in 2012 in response to an appeal by Peace One Day’s founder Jeremy Gilley to join a coalition of NGOs working with Interpeace in support of Peace One Day, to celebrate the United Nations International Day of Peace. SICA joined that coalition, and when asked what we would do for Peace Day, we spontaneously said — totally out of the blue: “Poems for Peace”.

Since then, SICA has hosted Poems for Peace® programs in more than 14 countries. Over a million people have been involved. And in Austin, Texas, where Poems for Peace got started, we’ve been honored by the City and given a proclamation proclaiming Poems for Peace Day by the Mayor.