Veronica Herber’s latest exhibition ‘The Whispering’

Within a rigorous set of limitations, fields of heavy cotton rag paper, washi tape in various grades of black, and graphite powder, Veronica Herber explores infinite variables within the strictures of the grid. This demands from her a particular kind of attention, one that ceaselessly attends to the overlooked, the quickly passed-over, the smallest rupture or tremor in the rhythmic regularity of the grid.

— Julia Teale, PhD.

Extract from the Artist’s Statement online at The Central Art Gallery:

Using a monochrome Japanese washi tape, artist Veronica Herber tears and places thousands of pieces of this medium onto a white background horizontally and vertically. This creates a mesmerizing and shimmering grid; an art work that at first, appears simplistic, but upon closer gaze reveals an intricacy, faultlessness, precision and contemplative space. These pieces invite us to lean in, look; and move around with our gaze. Our mind becomes free of narration and association and as a viewer, we can begin to simply contemplate and reflect on the form and process of the artwork.

Herber begins each piece not knowing how the abstract grid will form. She talks of the tape and the paper almost leading her into the work and her being led by her own ‘intuition’ She states: “It’s a feeling of guidance, That is hard to put into words”. This leads to a process led by repetition and instinct. In placing the torn feathered edges of the tape face inward, Herber softens the edges of the grid and leads us further into the work and its still presence. By creating the grid tear by small tear, Herber is led by this process into an almost Zen like state.

One of her influences is the Japanese aesthetic tradition of ‘Wabi Sabi’. In traditional Japanese aesthetics, wabi-sabi is a world view centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection. The aesthetic is sometimes described as one of beauty that is “imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete”.

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