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SICA & Subud Youth Present: Culture Bar Camp

After our successful start of the “Innovation Culture Camp” in May, the “Culture Bar Camp” goes into the second round. Together with the YOUTH, SICA is building an Online Academy and the “Culture Bar Camp” is a teaser for it. In future you will find more in-depth workshops on the SICA Online Academy on our website.

The “Culture Bar Camp” is and a so-called participatory conference in which the participants determine themselves the content and the programme.

Join Saleema's "Learning Arabic for Beginners" Course

Join Saleema’s YouTube Arabic Course for Beginners. Living in Lebanon, our Subud Sister Saleema, hosts Arabic Classes for all of us for free on YouTube. By the end of the course, the learners will better be able read and write the Arabic Alphabet and words.

Read more about Saleema’s Free Arabic Course for Beginners here and visit her YouTube Channel for more videos. 

Arabic For Absolute Beginners. Alphabet.

Links to all Saleema’s Lessons

Online Poetry Workshop with Paul Nelson

Six week online (Zoom) workshop for people who have had a little experience in spontaneous poetry composition and want more.

Join SPLAB and POPO Co-Founder Paul E Nelson in a lively course designed to start where the poetry postcard fest left off and help you understand how to tap into deeper levels of knowing that can begin to inform your non-writing life.

Some theory to understand the poetics of 20th/21st c approaches to spontaneous composition, some writing exercises, discussion, a one-on-one session and, for the inspired, between class homework.

The work of Charles Olson, Denise Levertov, Michael McClure, Wanda Coleman, Nate Mackey, Robin Blaser and others may be discussed along with concepts such as seriality, investigative poetics & how to write more by reducing your reliance on editing.

Do you want to take part? Find further information here.

World Dance with Stefan Freedman

Enjoy and discover some new choreographies with Stefan Freedman directly in your living room. In his free video row “Heartstrings”, Stefan guides you online through different dances. Each dance is first taught, then danced with the music.

Read more about Stefans free Online Dancing Classes here.