YES Quest’s vision is for a world where everyone can achieve and share their full human potential. In a complex and confusing world, we recognise the deep need as human beings to connect inwardly and contribute outwardly. Our mission is to provide the human and physical resources that enable people to engage with their authentic selves and thereby reveal their unique purpose, talents and contribution to the world.

Gap Year Quest

Thousands of young people just stumble on after school. Many end up doing the wrong course or in the wrong job. It’s a waste. Gap Year Quest is a life-changing ten-day residential experience. You will plan an amazing gap year, AND shine a light on the life that could be yours.

Join other motivated young people and inspired leaders at a wilderness retreat. Be prepared to open-up, share in safe-space and devote 10 full days to the most important thing in your life – your life.

Discover your true self and join a Quest, all around the world, to come to your full potential.

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The Value of a Gap Year

Both schools and universities recognize that a Gap Year involving travel, adventure and volunteering is a great asset. Academic research has shown that:

“… taking a gap year had a significant positive impact on students; academic performance in college, with the strongest impact for students who had applied to college with grades on the lower end of the distribution (Birch and Miller 2007; Crawford and Cribb 2012). In fact, in the United Kingdom and in the United States, students who had taken a Gap Year were more likely to graduate with higher grade point averages than observationally identical individuals who went straight to college, and this effect was seen even for gap year students with lower academic achievement in high school.”

(Crawford and Cribb 2012, Clagett 2013).


How do participants feel? –
The Quest Experience:  I Feel Good!

A way through a fast-changing world

As young people emerge from school, they face unprecedented challenges: a rapidly changing world where technology is making many traditional careers obsolete, where multiple career changes will be the norm and with environmental challenges and widespread mistrust in institutions and political leaders. Navigating these challenges will require creativity, flexibility, entrepreneurship and deep self-knowledge.

For thousands of years, cultures around the globe have recognised the importance of supporting individuals to transition safely from one life stage to another. The move from school to higher education or work is one of the most important of these and young people are mostly unsupported in this major life transition.

A journey of discovery

It may seem that everyone is an expert on what you should do with your life. The Yes Quest gives you time, space and support to discover who you truly are and what you really want for your life!

Connect to who you are

Through an inner and outer journey, discover who your really are, explore your talents, your values, hopes and dreams. Realise that the most rewarding life you can live, happens to be the one that most benefits the world – and fills you with satisfaction and energy. Claim your destiny now, and make a plan to live it tomorrow.

The inner journey takes you into a deep personal development experience. With skilled support, you will face your past, your fears and the ways you sabotage yourself. You will explore the treasures and talents within you and develop the confidence and commitment to fully express them in your life and work.

The outer journey is a three-day expedition into an acclaimed National Heritage rainforest. As well as being an adventure, this is an opportunity to integrate and review the powerful experiences of your first few days at the Quest.

Plan a course of action

The crazy, amazing truth is this – once you have fully explored who you are, you will know what that person wants to do! Then you can create a vision for your life and you will be able to create a two-step plan to get you there. Step One is a Plan for your Gap Year, and Step Two is a Plan for your Life.

Gap Year Quest – Day by Day

So, what actually happens on this Quest… from the first day to the last?

Day 1

Arrival at Sine Cera Rainforest Retreat in Northern NSW. Settle in. Dinner. Meet the facilitators and the other participants. Prepare for and participate in the Opening Ceremony. I have already crossed a boundary, joined a tribe, entered the Quest space and made a commitment.

Day 2 & 3

What is my starting point? All the experiences that have brought me to where I am today. My family, upbringing, education, beliefs, denials, rebellions, successes and failures. The better I understand my starting point, the more likely I am to reach my destination. I have discovered all this through sharing, movement, drawing and games. Wow.

Day 4

I have now totally “unpacked” who I am – like taking a bike apart and laying all the pieces side by side. And I know which parts came from where – and which I am going to keep and which I choose to release!

Day 5

The amazing wisdom of the group – they can see qualities in me I didn’t know I had – empathy and compassion. Now I can let go of the stories I told myself and that others told me. They are not me!

Day 6

During the long walk through this awesome rainforest, it all starts to fall into place.  I am excited and a bit scared. A clear picture is emerging.

Day 7

As I share my vision with the group, I know for sure that it is real and it is mine alone. There is a life that is just for me!

Day 8

We were told we would all find out today just how we stop ourselves reaching our goals. Surely that can’t be true of everyone? But each of us has pin-pointed our personal self-sabotage (it seems everyone has one). Now I have a strategy to deal with it.

Day 9

My Gap Year plan falls into place – all the experiences I will have – what I will learn and do. I recognise my fantastic life and know it’s waiting for me. Today we also realise that returning home as someone not quite the same, could create issues – and we have plans to deal with them.

Day 10

We will all give an individual performance tonight, around the fire. We help each other prepare and rehearse. This excitement builds as we share with each other an experience we will never be able to explain to anyone else.

The Day After

I know who I am and where I am going; I am inspired, hopeful, confident, clear and purposeful. I am happy, committed, energised, alive and can’t wait to launch my new life.

For costs, dates and details of your Quest, click here. (Link to Gap Year Quest on Dates & Details page.)

Make your Gap Year the year that changed your life. There are moments that can change our lives – they are easy to miss.

Don’t miss this one. It’s your finger on the button. Press it now.

Transition Quest

The Yes Quest process supports any life transition – a change of career, a move from work to retirement, out of a relationship, recovery from illness, or re-entering the world of work. In other words, this Quest is for anyone of any age ready for something new in their life.

Every life includes many transitions. They can be times of great challenge and great opportunity. Each transition is a gateway to a new stage of life and an opportunity for new understanding and new inner development.

Be prepared to be open and vulnerable in a safe and expertly supported space… be prepared for something new, and be prepared to share, to grow and to have fun.

To know more about the Transition Quest, click the link to the Transition Quest Page.

Creative Quest

• Do you feel a deep longing for change?

• You may want to set out on your journey, but don’t know how?

• Awaken your Talent and discover, develop, own, use, and express your  creativity in your life.

• Your creativity may be the key. It will be more powerful than you imagine!

• In the Creative Quest, we travel together to find your longing and give it creative expression.

• This is about your feelings, your intuition, your imagination – and your courage!

• These can be the keys to your freedom!

• Once you are brave enough to free yourself, you can finally step out of your cage and say to the world:


“So I have finally unleashed myself! I have released my beautiful, true, wild ME!”

— Glennon Doyle, Author of Untamed


Through 5 online sessions and one workshop weekend, you will learn to play again, rediscover your creative passion and find the steps to express it. You will develop a vision for the creative life you long to live –  and take the first few steps.

At the weekend Workshop you will discover how powerful play can be to release your talent.

What Participants Say:

“I had chosen the acupuncture needle as a symbol for myself because up to that point I had perceived acupuncture most likely as a creative outlet in my life…with the patient as a blank canvas. At the same time, I came to the group with the expectation that a process would be set in motion that, like the needles, would contribute to healing (becoming whole), but at the same time could be painful.”

— Anna M., TCM Doctor

“Discovering my inner melody touched me deeply and really shook me up… and yet I felt picked up and safe. It was wonderful to be able to show myself in my vulnerability as well.”

Katrin S., Elementary School Teacher

The Quest Experience

Glimpses into a Quest
What’s it really like?
Hear from the experts – our past participants!

My journey … My tribe

I will take this journey with my new tribe. We support each other, we share and I can see that maybe … just maybe … I’m not alone in this crazy world.

Where am I now – and where am going?

Before I know where I want to go, I need to know where  I’ve come from. Then I can vision my future, and the bridge between the two starts to reveal itself.

My breakthrough

Supported by the tribe, I am able to meet and discover aspects of myself I never knew were there.

Discovering a new me

Supported by the tribe, I am able to meet and discover aspects of myself I never knew were there.

A well designed program

The Quest program will take you on a journey, it will challenge you, but support you to commit and follow through on what you discover and learn about yourself and your future direction in life.

I discover the life I was born to live

With my new tribe and new-found knowledge of self, my life begins to look exciting.

Not a textbook team

I really appreciated the facilitators and their real-life experience.