Lawrence Pevec

Queen of The Earth
Untitled Subject Universe
Object in Landscape
Mothers Object Blue
Untitled A4C4C9D
Untitled BDE280
Three Shell Metaphor
Heart of Della Robia
Untitled Subjective Universe #2

Lawrence Pevec

Artist’s Statement:

Lawrence F Pevec,
Boulder, Colorado, USA
March 14, 2021

Columbus College of Art and Design
Columbus Ohio, USA, 1966 – 1970

Commercial and Fine Arts
Royal Roads University, Victoria, BC, Canada, 2003 -2005,

MA Leadership and Training

Working Career:
Illustration, graphic design, exhibit design, motion picture production design.

Animus and Anima:
“It behaves as if it were a law unto itself, interfering in the life of the individual as if it were an alien element; sometimes the interference is helpful, sometimes disturbing, if not actually destructive. We have, therefore, every cause to concern ourselves with these entities and arrive at an understanding of how they influence us”

Two essays by Emma Jung 1957,
Spring Publications Inc, Dallas, TX.

Queen of the Earth

Messages from the Collective Unconscious

The work represented by these nine images is part of a body of work I made while residing in Bucelas, Portugal; 1990-1991 and Portland, Oregon; 1992-1996, collectively called Queen of the Earth. The images and symbols represent the emerging feminine motive energy (anima in men). The process of creation is spontaneous and represents many media, clay/glue grounds, found objects, tempera pigments, powdered graphite, wax and wood.

At a point in my design career it became apparent that in order to move forward on my spiritual path I had to make a serious change. Following an inner motivation (and a recurring dream) to return to making fine art I was moved by images of Mary and Christian women saints depicted in medieval polychrome sculpture, especially the devotional sculpture displayed in the Cloisters Museum in New York. The various carvings spoke to my heart and became the guiding principle in my work. I moved my family to the Albugaria, near Bucelas, Portugal, a small town 20K from Lisbon, set up a studio and began following the guidance that emerged.

Through the process of drawing, painting and assembling in the studio, my understanding of the psychological concepts of archetype, motivating energies (anima), the collective unconscious, and the nature of the creative muse immerged.

In addition to the religious sculpture the symbols; snail shells, (spiraling forms) segmented rods, feathers and sickles began forming a subjective visual language resulted in deeper understanding of my psycho-spiritual development. I view this process as an essentially necessary purification of the suppressed inner nature of modern humanity.

The muse in men is feminine and often represents a denied, unexplored energy that affects the outer personality, life experience and creativity. The feminine motivating energy is emergent in men and ‘emergence’ of this energy became a unifying theme in the work as well.

The messages that emerge are reminders of the power of the feminine to balance the masculine and optimize human content.

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